Time Zones Calculator



This time calculator can be used to find out one's local time and its relation to GMT .(Greenwich Mean Time). How to use it:

  • In the upper gray row of the table you can see your local time and the current Greenwich time (GMT/UCT).
  • In the column City/Nation the time in all the Arab countries, London and New York are shown. In the other columns there's additional info such as relative time to GMT and your local time etc.
  • In the lower right you can see a list of countries and cities. Select your country to see your local time and its relation to GMT.
  • Add the relative time to the time given. In case your given time is 19.00 (24 hour system) and your local relative time is 5 hours ahead (+ 5h) then add 5 to 19. 19 + 5 = 24, hence 19.00 GMT is 24.00 in your part of the world.
  • Please note: The time also depends on whether daylight savings are applied or not, daylight savings are not applied at the same time on the northern and southern hemisphere.